The Fernie Heritage Strategy considers a deeper understanding of Fernie's heritage, from the distant past up to the present day. This includes the city’s early roots alongside its ongoing significance as part of the lands and stories of the Ktunaxa First Nation. The strategy will identify and incorporate the broad historical context, community heritage values and historic places that have ongoing importance to Fernie-ites.
Ultimately, the Fernie Heritage Strategy will recommend key actions to guide the City and its partners to manage change in such a way that the community's heritage values are retained, enhanced, celebrated and embedded into overall community planning.
Whether you have called Fernie home for five days or five generations, there are many ways that you can participate in to inform the direction and content of the Fernie Heritage Strategy and to share what makes this place special to you.

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Tell us what people, places, events, stories, activities, things, rituals, etc. - that make Fernie what it is - and should likely be preserved for future generations.

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Join us for of our community events to share your knowledge of Fernie. Sessions include kitchen table talks, formal community input sessions, open houses and neighbourhood walks.

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Every single person in Fernie cherishes people, events and places that help make Fernie meaningful to them and to their community. Tell us about a tradition, building, person or place that is important to you in telling Fernie's story and why, by simply submitting your stories, memories, photographs and documents here online.

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The Fernie Heritage Strategy is a community-driven initiative to preserve Fernie's heritage for future generations. It is being led by a committee of dedicated Fernie residents in partnership with Heritage Fernie and the City of Fernie.

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Elana ZysblatLead Consultant

Elana Zysblat

Lead Consultant

Elana Zysblat is an accomplished heritage consultant with expertise in heritage conservation, cultural tourism and community engagement.  Since 2012, Elana’s practice as an independent heritage consultant has reached all areas of BC, with an emphasis on the Kootenay region since 2016.

John Atkin


John Atkin is a storyteller at heart. With years of research experience and a strong familiarity with heritage in Vancouver and the Kootenay region, he provides building research services for clients that include Statements of Significance, Heritage and Character Assessments, and Conservation Plans.

John AtkinConsultant
Denise CookConsultant

Denise Cook


With a particular focus on cultural landscapes, Denise’s heritage conservation work, interpretation and design sensibility draws upon community history and character while working with all levels of government and the private sector to develop effective and creative heritage conservation, management and design plans.

  • Testimonial
    One of our Official Community Plan goals is development of a heritage inventory and heritage planning toolkit. We are pleased to be able to support Heritage Fernie as they spearhead this initiative. It will provide a valuable instrument for the City to make informed decisions on the redevelopment, protection and restoration of heritage buildings and spaces in our community.
    Mary GiulianoMayor, City of Fernie
  • Testimonial
    Every community has those special pieces of history that will forever define the place and the people. The Fernie Heritage Strategy will help us to celebrate our past, value the present and build a sustainable future. We all have our part to play to uncover the values that are important to conserve as Fernie grows; on behalf of City staff, we look forward to supporting this important work.
    Norm McInnisCAO, City of Fernie
  • Testimonial
    Heritage BC applauds the vision and collaborative spirit of the City of Fernie and Heritage in preserving built heritage in Fernie. The Heritage Strategy is more than a recognition of what was. It will be a vital step toward envisioning what can be. As a funder, we often hope the award of a grant will be the difference between idea and implementation – the catalyst for action leading to engagement and impact. The Heritage Strategy will be that catalyst that transforms an idea into the realization of a vision.
    Paul GravettExecutive Director, Heritage BC
  • Testimonial
    Of all of Fernie’s many wonders perhaps less understood, and therefore more at risk, is our heritage. Everyday I see people strolling amidst our magnificent architectural heritage looking with pleasure, taking photos, enquiring about our history. We all enjoy living with, and benefitting from, our heritage. We have a duty to ensure that it is properly looked after. Our future as a vibrant town will depend upon it!
    Gordon SombrowskiSponsor, IGS Group